Ryan Allen

At the dawn of the world wide web, in 1995, Ryan Allen began professionally designing, building and marketing digital and physical products. His interest in digital media grew from a love of creating level mods for games like Warcraft 2, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D. He achieved early fame from a ridiculous Geocities page about UFO’s and MIDI music that became outrageously popular. He began his professional career by starting a company that focused on designing and building websites and CD-based Macromedia Director presentations for local Arizona businesses with his long-time partner, Jo Overline. This partnership quickly propelled him to a leadership position in his industry.

Working with product-focused companies, Ryan has designed and developed hundreds of consumer and business-focused products with some of the most talented teams from around the world. He has received numerous awards and recognition throughout the years from top-tier companies like Apple, the American Advertising Federation (2014 Gold ADDY) and UBM (Best Game in Play at GDC 2013).

Ryan has extensive experience leading design and marketing teams while working with a wide range of startups and Fortune 100 companies. He has experience working on projects focused on a variety of fields such as medical sciences, video games and entertainment. Ryan has extensive knowledge of design/development trends and remains current in his field as a public speaker, illustrator, artist and writer. He has been published by McGraw Hill, Gawker Media and Envato. Ryan’s current interests lie in the fields of art, education, travel and entertainment.

Ryan finds books to be a source of inspiration. If you have an extra 60 seconds, email ryan@dappergentlemen.com the title of an amazing book and why it inspired you.